Unfortunately, we have very sad news to report regarding our rescue and our beloved Rottweiler dogs.

Dear SCRR Supporters:

It is with the greatest sorrow that we report the passing of Elaine Greenberg. Her body was discovered in her home the afternoon of August 15th.  During the previous week, multiple requests to public agencies and authorities to check on her welfare proved to be frustrating experiences, sometimes going unanswered and at least once meeting with resistance.

To all those have supported the Second Chance Rescue and Elaine over the years, please know that as individuals we did everything within our power to get Elaine the help she needed. Our experience left us with the feeling that the public safety net has large holes.

We are deeply saddened and disappointed by the public vilification of Elaine and the Rescue by a handful of vocal people before any facts emerged.  Elaine’s fifty years of successful and hard-working dedication to helping unwanted and abused dogs were ignored, and Elaine’s serious health issues were discounted. Many rescue organizations depend heavily on older adults, who have the time and interest to work in animal rescue. With our society facing a quickly growing aged population, with its attendant health issues, we wonder if the response to this entire tragedy foreshadows what to expect in the future.
We encourage all who love Rottweilers to continue supporting their favorite rescue and adopt these awesome dogs, should they have the ability to do so. 

Rottweilers and Rottweiler lovers from all over California will dearly miss Elaine. During her 50 years of dedicated rescue she saved countless Rotties throughout California and also enriched the lives of their owners.
We will miss her greatly,


Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue

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 Thank you for your years of loyal support.


Previous Post - August 4, 2014
We want you to know that the Board remains committed to the welfare of the dogs and has worked closely with authorities to that end. We are a group of dog lovers that came to know the Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue by adopting multiple dogs from the rescue over the years. We supported the mission of the rescue because Elaine Greenberg has saved and rehabilitated countless abandoned and abused dogs, driving throughout the state to pull at-risk animals from shelters, arrange comprehensive veterinary medical care, bring rescued dogs to optimal health and re-home them. Her extensive Rottweiler knowledge, experience, and very hard work were the heart of the Rescue. Ms. Greenberg’s relentless dedication to saving Rottweilers for over 50 years makes the recent events even more heartbreaking.

On July 23rd, one of our volunteer board members traveled to our rescue, located at Elaine Greenberg’s home, to assist Ms. Greenberg with the care of the rescue’s dogs. Unlike the past 12 years, during which time the facilities were clean and the dogs were well cared for and had plenty of food, water, and veterinary services, July 23 was dramatically different.

Upon arrival at Ms. Greenberg’s residence, the volunteer noticed that the dogs were not barking as much as usual. The volunteer patiently waited for Ms. Greenberg. She did not look well when she finally emerged. In fact, she appeared to the volunteer (who is not a doctor) to have suffered some sort of medical issue, possibly a stroke or some sort of mental confusion. The volunteer noticed a dramatic change in Ms. Greenberg’s appearance and demeanor. Because of his concern, the volunteer asked if he could take her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Ms. Greenberg declined this offer of help.

Ms. Greenberg allowed the volunteer to access her property. What he discovered shocked him. Among other things, he discovered that the outside runs were dirty and that the dogs appeared to be neglected. He discovered that three dogs had died. He could not determine from Ms. Greenberg why or how they had died and she did not seem to have a clear understanding of what was going on. He was fearful for the health and safety of the other 11 dogs, but Ms. Greenberg would not allow him to enter her home, where the other dogs were being kept.

The volunteer, being a former law enforcement officer, did not hesitate to take swift action to protect our dogs from further harm. He immediately contacted the Yolo County Sheriff's Department and Yolo County Animal Control and reported the problem with both Ms. Greenberg and the dogs. He then corresponded with and followed up with the Sheriff’s office later that evening and learned that they had visited the property and spoken with Ms. Greenberg.

The volunteer also notified the other board members of the problem. Animal Services went out to Ms. Greenberg’s property the next day (July 24), but did not take possession of the dogs at that time. The board and its member(s) continued to correspond with Animal Services on a daily basis to check up on the health of the dogs and when they would be taken from Ms. Greenberg’s home.

Because the dogs were not immediately taken by the authorities, we wanted to help the dogs ourselves. However, Animal Control instructed us not to visit the facility, not to place or remove any dogs from the facility, and not to contact Ms. Greenberg. Although we continued to be anguished for the dogs, we did as law enforcement instructed us to do.

The Board took what action it could by unanimously voting to remove Ms. Greenberg as president and as a board member. Also, because all rescue activities were conducted from Ms. Greenberg’s home, we permanently suspended all rescue activities. Ms. Greenberg was removed from the rescue’s bank accounts, but it should be noted that are no signs of any financial improprieties. In fact, one of the more disheartening facts is that there were multiple bags of premium dog food still at her house, even though the dogs were not getting enough food in the final days before the volunteer’s visit.

Animal Services requested us to surrender legal possession of the dogs to them. So, as we have always cooperated with them, we surrendered all of the rescue’s dogs. We will also be paying Animal Services for the care and feeding of our dogs. We understand these steps will help to ensure that Ms. Greenberg will not be able to have the dogs back at her home.

All of Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue dogs are now under the care of Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue in Woodland. We have offered to help Rotts with the care and feeding of our former dogs with a substantial financial donation.

We encourage you to consider if you have room in your heart and home for another Rottie. If you do, please contact Rotts of Friends to give these dogs the forever homes they deserve.


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